Redesigning Care to Focus on the Whole Patient

Patient-Centered, Data-Driven, Coordinated Care

Through clinical care redesign efforts, Partners HealthCare aims to improve access to and coordination of care for patients, and ultimately, reduce the need for unnecessary and high-cost interventions. This approach for managing patients is especially important for those with chronic conditions or heightened risk factors that, if not closely managed, can spiral into acute, high-cost episodes of care. Since 2012, Partners has created a suite of population health management programs which have proven to improve patient outcomes and reduce overall health care costs.

The Partners Population Health team designs, develops, implements and evaluates individualized care delivery methods, tools and resources that support both our practices and our patients. While our Partners Population Health team acts as a central support, these innovative care programs are shaped and implemented by the Partners clinicians on the ground—spanning the entire system from our academic medical centers, to our community hospitals and our smaller affiliated practices.

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