Patient Education

Patient Education

Patient Education

Patient education is the act of sharing medical information with patients and/or their caregivers. It is also a tool used by managed care plans and may include both general preventative education or as a method to improve a patient’s health status for a specific condition, disease, or disability.

Important elements of patient education are skill building and responsibility—patients need to know when, how, and why they need to make a lifestyle change. Group effort is equally important. Each member of the patient’s care team needs to be involved.

Other benefits of patient education include:

  • Improved understanding of medical condition, disease, or disability
  • Better patient understanding of how to manage their own care
  • Improved self-advocacy
  • Increased compliance of recommended treatment plan
  • Patients more likely to respond well to their treatment plan with fewer complications
  • Patients feel clinicians have provided the information they need for informed consent
  • More effective use of medical services with fewer unnecessary phone calls and/or visits
  • Satisfied patients more likely to stay with your practice and refer other patients

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Provider Filmed Educational Videos

Video Education, supported by vidscrip, is a web-based platform that allows Partners providers and staff members to film educational videos about various health care topics, customized to their specific populations. Each video is a series of short, single-topic clips featuring a patient’s own health care provider answering commonly asked questions about a condition, treatment or procedure. Patients can watch these videos before and after seeing their providers to help them stay on track with their health goals and retain more of the information provided during clinical interactions. Videos can be embedded on websites, accessed on the Partners Patient Gateway or shared via email. Since 2014, Partners providers have filmed over 800 videos, with more than 60,000 patient views. View the Partners HealthCare Vidcrips Library

Digital Patient Portal: Patient Gateway

Partners Patient Gateway, our electronic patient portal, was developed by Partners HealthCare as a convenient, efficient and secure way for patients to manage their health communications with their provider’s office. Patients can renew prescriptions, request referral authorizations for specialist appointments, view lab results and access quality health and wellness information. If you are a Partners HealthCare patient, sign-up for a Partners Patient Gateway account.

Online Educational & Decision-Support Resources

Primary Care Office InSite (PCOI) is a web-based, decision-support resource that offers “just-in-time” knowledge and workflow support for providers across the Partners network. Developed at Massachusetts General Hospital in 2000, PCOI helps providers find trusted information and provide cost-effective, high-quality patient care. PCOI features 300 evidence-based primary care guidelines and 1,155 printable patient education handouts (available in English and Spanish). It has clinical access guides for each of the major Partners hospitals to help with referral management, as well as useful forms, clinical visit tools, and medical calculators. The website is accessed by 7,000-plus unique users year after year and has had nearly 3 million user-sessions since inception. PCOI is available to registered Partners providers.

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