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Provider to Patient

Provider to Patient

There are a few different ways in which our providers use technology to interface with their patients. By leveraging digital technologies such as communication over patient portals and video messaging, providers can free up in-office appointments for higher risk patients. This also saves the patient time and resources from transportation, to having to call out of work or other obligations, to waiting in-office to be seen. Explore our programs that digitally connect patients with their providers:

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Virtual Visits are real-time visit between a provider, such a physician or a nurse practitioner (NP), and a patient over video. Over 13,300 Virtual Visits have been completed in our practices since 2013. Virtual Visits are offered to patients across the Mass General Brigham network, with over 350 participating providers in more than 75 practice locations. A Virtual Visit is a video-based appointment between a provider and patient (and often a patient’s family). The use of video enables a provider to have in-depth conversations with a patient via a secure video platform; and helps patients to have more convenient and flexible visits with their care teams. A specific focus of the program is to offer Virtual Visits to patients who need them most, including patients who are home-bound, have limited mobility, or other geographic and economic challenges.

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Virtual Visits are ideal for appointments that are non-urgent and best delivered face-to-face, but do not require a physical exam for an appropriate clinical assessment. Virtual Visits are largely offered to patients who have an established a relationship with their provider. Virtual Visits are intended to replace in-office visits when clinically appropriate. As such, they not only reduce costs to the patient but also to the health care system as a whole. By providing patients with a convenient option for a follow-up visit, we aim to provide more comprehensive and continuous care to our patients.


eVisits are a questionnaire-based communication between a provider and patient, using a structured form through the Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway. Mass General Brigham has completed over 23,200 provider-initiated and patient-initiated eVisits completed since 2012. An eVisit is a form of secure electronic communication, similar to an email, that enables providers to deliver care to patients using a structured online questionnaire. This offering is popular with patients because it can eliminate the need to travel to their provider’s office for a follow-up visit or urgent care assessment. eVisits has been proven to save time for providers, allowing for rapid triage and assessment of a variety of symptoms, and creating additional capacity in clinic for more complex visits.

Patient-initiated eVisits

Patient-initiated eVisits are offered in the primary care setting and allow patients to submit a symptom-specific questionnaire for eight (8) different conditions to his or her provider for review. Patients access these questionnaires via the Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway, which securely transfers their responses to their doctor’s inbox and is recorded in the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR). Providers review the questionnaire answers and make triage and treatment recommendations to the patient and care team. Patient-initiated eVisits are great for common conditions such as cough, red eye or back pain, and can often prevent a patient from making an extra trip to the doctor’s office, an urgent care center, or even the Emergency Room.

Provider-initiated eVisits

Provider-initiated eVisits are primarily used by providers for patients with chronic care conditions. Providers will send a follow-up questionnaire to their patient, often for a defined interval of time, and the patient completes the questionnaire and sends it back to their provider for review. This enables the provider to manage things such as medication effectiveness and side effects, behavioral health, hypertension, and other conditions that are best treated through regular follow-up but can largely be managed remotely. Both types of eVisits are offered only for those conditions where it is clinically appropriate for the patient to be seen without an office visit. The eVisits offering has shown to be convenient for patients and effective in enabling providers to deliver accessible, high quality care.

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