Evaluating Our Programs

Partners Population Health relies on research and evaluation to understand the impact of population health management programs on clinical outcomes and health care costs.  These efforts help us understand the real-world impact of clinical care redesign strategies. The evidence generated then supports the adoption of successful innovations across the Partners system, but also helps guide difficult decisions to discontinue unsuccessful programs.

Supporting Research Abroad

Partners Population Health programs are a natural laboratory for studying health care transformation and to understand variations in implementation and effectiveness within a diverse health care system. Collaborations between implementation teams and the research community have generated academic publications and informed conversations on population health strategies.

We are eager to collaborate with other regional and national organizations involved in similar health care transformation efforts. Contact Us.

Championing Education from Within

Partners Population Health is also deeply committed to educational opportunities for both our central staff and for clinicians across the Partners system. The Research Symposium is an annual poster session and networking opportunity designed to bring together teams from across the Partners network to discuss lessons learned, new innovations, and celebrated successes. Learn more about the 2018 Population Health Research Symposium. Other educational and hands-on learning opportunities hosted by our team have included:

  • Data Visualization Trainings
  • Logic Model Trainings
  • Academic Journal Discussions
  • One-on-one Poster Reviews
  • Survey Development & Coaching

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