Learn with Us

Partners Population Health offers both clinical and non-clinical training and education programs designed to meet the needs of Partners HealthCare clinicians and staff engaged in population health management. Today, we offer more than 75 Continuing Education and Professional Development programs each year. Training offerings span areas including the Behavioral Health, High-Risk Care Management, and Transitional Care, among others. Partners Population Health also offers education and training programs for fellow health care organization leaders, students, and medical residents.

  • Visitorship Program – Invites representatives from health care organizations around the world to engage with Partners Population Health clinical and administrative leaders to learn about our strategies and approaches
  • Fellowship Program – Offers graduating medical residents the opportunity to participate in a population health management fellowship
  • Residency Electives – Provides current medical residents the opportunity to participate in brief rotations for exposure to population health management concepts and operations
  • Internship Program – Engages rising-senior college students or students in graduate school, offering exposure to roles and functions within Partners Population Health as potential career paths in population health management
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