June 2, 2019

Population Health Spring Newsletter 2019

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Lyft Carries the Burden of Transportation for Patients Who Need It Most

Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft are ubiquitous in today's world--and they may be the answer to a long-standing health care problem: transportation access. For high-risk care management patients, transportation issues are one of the number one gaps in care. Picture this: a woman flees an abusive relationship only to end up in a shelter forty miles from her pediatrician without any nearby public transit options. How is she going to get her child to the doctor? Or another patient, an elderly man, fractures his hip and can't drive himself to dialysis. Is he going to risk an emergency health crisis by skipping this life saving treatment or pay thousands for an ambulance? Lack of access to a reliable ride can have far reaching impact on peoples health. A new program being piloted by our High Risk Care Management team aims to bridge the gap for patients who just need a ride. Read More


Somebody to Lean On: The Community Partners Program

Partnering with community organizations to build additional support for MassHealth patients. Read More


A Look Beyond the Curtain Bringing Post-Op Recovery Home

Physicians leverage the Home Hospital Program to support patients after surgery. Read More


A New Approach to Self-Help

A new program brings Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) into the digital age. Read More


What Patients Want, A Doctor Takes Note

Dr. Licurse asks patients what they want from their providers. 

Read More
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