June 30, 2018

Come Together: 2018 Research Symposium

It’s important for us to talk to each other. Everyone knows that, but it can be become difficult when we’re busy with our work and spread out across the Partners network. Luckily, the Research Symposium, held on June 11, 2018, at Assembly Row, brought together population health teams from across the network to discuss lessons learned, new innovations, and celebrated successes.

Opening the doors, attendees were met with 38 posters and numerous colleagues fluttering from one board to the next. The room held about 180 attendees, all discussing the incredible work being done throughout Partners. When conceptualizing the Symposium, the Evaluation and Research team, Training and Education team, and Communications team wanted to provide a space where people felt comfortable and confident in talking about their work. For many, it would be an opportunity to get their feet wet in a poster session. The event, for internal attendees only, was a time to address clinical work unfiltered.

“It was a terrific opportunity to connect and talk about what care transformations work or don’t work.” said Christine Vogeli, PhD, Director of Evaluation and Research. There was ample opportunity to network and share best practices or perspective with both research and operational colleagues present.

In between the poster sessions, attendees were welcomed by Vogeli, Sree Chaguturu, MD, Chief Population Health Officer, and Brent Forester, MD, MSc, the Medical Director of Behavioral Health and newly appointed Medical Director for special projects in Evaluation and Research. All three speakers touched on the current collaboration efforts and future plans.

Sree also announced the three winners of the symposium, chosen by Population Health leaders from across the network. There were three main categories: engaging patients and improving care quality, tools and solutions for improving efficiency, and optimizing site of care, workforce and training. The judging panel (see below for full list) was made up of clinical leaders paired with operational leaders who were looking for new insights, clear presentations, and strong conceptual frameworks.

“Serving as a judge for the Tools and Solutions for Improving Efficiency group was fascinating,” said Dr. Forester. “It gave me an opportunity to learn about health care innovation happening across Partners that I would not have known about previously, opening up possible avenues for collaboration.” Following their awards, winners were met by judges for poster side discussions.

As we look to future years, the Symposium may change but at its heart it will continue to be an event meant for collaboration and helping to break down silos. “Our hope and goal is that this event reaffirms our commitment to what makes Partners Healthcare so special,” said Dr. Chaguturu, “an organization that brings the best of research, education, community service and clinical care together in service of the patients we care for.”


Category: Engaging Patients & Improving Care Quality

Winner: Brigham Protocol-based Hypertension Optimization Program: BP-HOP (#12)

Presenters: Liliana Smolinsky, MS, AGNP-C & Jacqueline Dunning, PharmD

Judges: Eric Weil, MD; Maury McGough, MD; Jessica Dudley, MD; Rick Gitomer, MD

Category: Tools & Solutions for Improving Efficiency

Winner: Identify Dementia Patients for Early Palliative Care Intervention: Mortality Prediction Using Deep Learning and EHRs (#16)

Presenters: Liqin Wang, PhD, Long Sha, MA, and Josh Lakin, MD

Judges: Brent Forester, MD, MSc; Jeff Murphy; Jason Wasfy, MD, MPhil.; Karl Laskowski, MD, MBA

Category: Optimizing Site of Care, Workforce, & Training

Winner: Integrating Sub-Specialty Home Based Palliative Care into Primary Care Practices: Continued Trends in Total Medical Expenses and Hospice Utilization (#27)

Presenter: Julia Gallagher, MD

Judges: Sandhya Rao, MD; Deb Garalis; Terry Garfinkle, MD

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